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Medina Custom Wood
Products builds:

  • Ramp crates
  • Heavy-duty skids
  • Pallets in various sizes and configurations including pallets with foam for shock absorption
  • Custom saddles for rolls or contoured machinery
  • Computer and sensitive equipment boxes
  • Foam inserts for shock absorption
  • Custom hinges, finishings and fasteners
      All of our wood products utilize Grade 3 or better woods and are sanded on all four sides (S4S). We meet the U.N. Standard for heat treated wood and mark all our crates and pallets with our ISPM15 certified stamp – ensuring that we adhere to all international shipping requirements. We can provide engineering drawings for custom crates or pallets or build to your specifications. We can also arrange for optional third-party drop testing to ensure crate reliability.

      If you have sensitive, one-of-a-kind equipment or if you value what you’re shipping, demand quality wood products from Medina. Call us today at 303-722-7875.  
    We're thinking inside and outside the box